We firmly believe that proper dental care starts at childhood

Our staff are passionate about health promotion and make it their mission to inform and educate at the same time. Our Oral Health Therapist, Stephanie, regularly attends primary schools to run interactive sessions around the importance of oral hygiene and prevention. Stephanie provides dental care for children and young adults in a surrounding that puts them at ease. We accept Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule vouchers and our range of services includes:

  • Comprehensive Oral Examinations
  • Orthodontic (Braces) Diagnostic Packages
  • Preventative dentistry including fissure sealants
  • Removing Braces and fixed appliances
  • Sports mouthguards
  • Restorative treatment such as fillings
  • Trauma management

Schedule your child’s appointment with Stephanie, our expert in children’s dentistry, today.


My child is scared of the dentist, what do i do?

It’s important to talk to your child about the importance of maintaining healthy gums and teeth. You can also explain to them that a dentist is a really friendly doctor who will take care of them and help keep their mouth healthy. Our team at Beachside Dental Clinic will do all we can to help your child and make their visit to the dentist as smooth and happy as possible.

How do i keep my child’s teeth healthy?

To keep your child’s teeth healthy you need to make sure their diet is always healthy – a low sugar intake is vital. On top of this, it’s essential they brush their teeth twice a day or after every meal, floss, and of course visit the dentist regularly.

My child’s teeth are crooked what are our options?

The best options for fixing your child’s crooked teeth are a Myobrace or alternatively an orthodontic expander. Book a consultation for your child at Beachside Dental Clinic to discuss the best choice for them in more detail.

How do i stop my child from grinding their teeth?

You can stop your child from grinding their teeth with a Myobrace. They will wear this overnight to prevent grinding.