What is it?

More than just a cosmetic issue, crooked teeth can contribute to serious oral health concerns. Crooked bottom teeth also make it difficult to brush and floss properly. This can allow plaque and debris to build up, leading to cavity formation and gum disease.
Beachside Dental Clinic can provide various solutions for crooked teeth, treatments for straightening teeth include options both with or without clear braces.

What causes crooked teeth?

Crooked  teeth are primarily hereditary. Some people’s mouth are slightly too small for their teeth; in others, mismatched upper and lower jaws cause an over or under bite. Unfortunately, they are often exacerbated by bad oral health habits in young children such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking.

What treatments are avaliable to straighten teeth?

Treatments for fixing crooked teeth can be place in one of two categories – with or without braces.
When there are no health factors influencing the use of braces, treatment options will often not require them as one of the teeth straightening options.
The crooked teeth treatment might include using porcelain veneers, which are for minor problems including gaps and uneven teeth; and dental crowns, which cover the entire tooth, and are used to reduce gaps between teeth, create symmetry,  restore teeth affected by decay or wear and straighten teeth.
Some cases of crooked teeth will necessitate the use of braces, and orthodontic treatment will be required. The field of orthodontics focuses on correcting teeth and jaw joint positioning and alignment, and oftentimes utilises either metal or invisible braces in the straightening process.
For cosmetic and other reasons, many adult and younger patients prefer invisible braces, the advantages of which include:

  • They can alleviate or remedy a range of moderate problems from crowding and spacing to overbite and underbite
  • The removable trays allow you to maintain dental hygiene by brushing and flossing normally, and eat whatever you want
  • Unlike with metal braces, the smooth plastic ensures a much more comfortable treatment

Why not take the chance to boost your self esteem and your dental health by straightening crooked teeth? Contact the team at Beachside Dental Clinic to book a consultation and learn about which treatment options are suited to you.